Day of the Moon

Monday is Máni’s day (Germanic)
The Day of Máni
The Day of the Moon
The Day of the Man in the Moon
The Day of Time (moon/sun tasked with counting the years for “men”)
The Day of The Counter Of Years
The Day of Measurements
The Day of Counting Down to Ragnarök
The Day pursued by Wolves
The Day pursued by Hati Hróðvitnisson
The Day pursued by Hate
The Day pursued by the Enemy
The Day of the Hastener
The Day of the Whirling Wheel, the Clock and the Watch
The Day of the Children of Mundilfari
Day of Hjúki and Bill
Day of Child Labour
Day of Wells
Day of Water Rights
Day of Pails
Day of Buckets
Day of The Wood-Stealer

Day of Luna (Roman)
Day of Noctiluna
Day of the Night-Shiner
Day of the Goddess in the Oxen-drawn Biga

Day of the diva triformis

Day of the two-horned queen of the stars

Day of the goddess who listens to the girls singing

Day of the secret tutelary of Rome

Day of Humanitarian Empire… Of the Goddess of the Imperial Cult… Of Roman rule over the world

Day of a Roman agricultural deity (1 of 12)
Day of Juno
Day of Rejuvination
Day of the Menstrual Cycle
Day of Pregnancy

Day of the Goddess of Kalends

Day of the two Lucinas (Juno and Diana)

Day of Diana (Roman)


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