Notes on Lorde, Mies & Davis

I. Kingergarten in Soviet Uzbekistan: On page 29, she asks Madam Izbalkhan if there are men encouraged to take roles in the kindergartens.
On page 23-4 she highlights the difference between state revolution and personal revolutions of the mind. That the state can take an anti-racist, anti-sexist stance but this will not inevitably change the internal attitudes of individuals.

II. Employment and Racism: On page 31, she explains that while blacks in America get college degrees, they still get jobs at lower rates than whites.

III. Universal Healthcare: “We left him looking absolutely non-plussed.” On page 31, Lorde explores how people take universal provision for granted once they’ve got it. See privatisation and defunding of the NHS.

IV. Conquering the Bread Problem: starvation vs human rights, p34.

V. Poetry as Illumintion for Action: p36, feelins, to words/ideas, to action
“no new ideas still waiting in the wings to save us” just the need to follow our dreams and engage in the “heretical actions” they imply (p38), p39 no new ideas just new ways of making them be felt. of examining what those ideas feel like being lived

VI. No new ideas: just new ways of making them be felt and lived – like REBT/CBT and behavioural change, not just value/reason change.




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