Saturn’s Day

Saturday is Saturn’s Day
The Day of the God of Agriculture
The Day of God’s Sickle,
The Day of God’s Scythe,
The Day of the God of the Capitol,
The Day of the God of Generation, Dissolution, Plenty, Wealth, Periodic Renewal and Liberation,
The Day of the God of Time,

Saturn’s daughter is Veritas. Veritas has been a figure and a word central to discussions of what truth is and how we can come to know it.

Saturday is The Day of Saturn
The Day of the Sixth Planet,
The Day of the Second-Largest Planet

Saturday is The Day of Theotokos
The Day of the God-bearer,
The Day of the Mother of God,
The Day of the Parent of God,

Saturday is the Day of All Saints
The Day of the Dead,
The Day of the Burial,
The day Jesus lay dead in the tomb,
Holy Saturday, Black Saturday,  Easter Eve,
Joyous Saturday, Saturday of Light, Easter Saturday,
The Day of the Harrowing of Hades,

Saturday is Shabbat or the Sabbath
The Day

And so, for now, I’ll reflect on…

1. Agriculture: by understanding the FAO‘s work, the ILO‘s work, La Vía Campesina, the International Peasant Day of Struggle,


Day of Odin

Wednesday is Odin’s Day
The Day of Odin
The Day of Healing
The Day of Death
The Day of Royalty
The Day of the Gallows
The Day of Knowledge
The Day of Battle
The Day of Sorcery
The Day of Poetry
The Day of Frenzy
The Day of the Runic Alphabet

Wednesday is Mercury’s Day
The Day of Mercury
The Day of Financial Gain
The Day of Commerce
The Day of Eloquence and Poetry
The Day of Messages, Communication, and Divination
The Day of Travellers and Boundaries
The Day of Luck
The Day of Trickery and Thieves
The Day of the Journey to the Underworld
The Day of the Keeper of the Boundary between Life and Death

Wednesday is The Day of Mercury
The Day of the Smallest Planet
The Day of the First Planet

Wednesday is The Day of Nabu?
Is Nabu connected to Mercury?

The Day of the Water Star
The Water Day

Focus on:
1. Water:

Day of the Moon

Monday is Máni’s day (Germanic)
The Day of Máni
The Day of the Moon
The Day of the Man in the Moon
The Day of Time (moon/sun tasked with counting the years for “men”)
The Day of The Counter Of Years
The Day of Measurements
The Day of Counting Down to Ragnarök
The Day pursued by Wolves
The Day pursued by Hati Hróðvitnisson
The Day pursued by Hate
The Day pursued by the Enemy
The Day of the Hastener
The Day of the Whirling Wheel, the Clock and the Watch
The Day of the Children of Mundilfari
Day of Hjúki and Bill
Day of Child Labour
Day of Wells
Day of Water Rights
Day of Pails
Day of Buckets
Day of The Wood-Stealer

Day of Luna (Roman)
Day of Noctiluna
Day of the Night-Shiner
Day of the Goddess in the Oxen-drawn Biga

Day of the diva triformis

Day of the two-horned queen of the stars

Day of the goddess who listens to the girls singing

Day of the secret tutelary of Rome

Day of Humanitarian Empire… Of the Goddess of the Imperial Cult… Of Roman rule over the world

Day of a Roman agricultural deity (1 of 12)
Day of Juno
Day of Rejuvination
Day of the Menstrual Cycle
Day of Pregnancy

Day of the Goddess of Kalends

Day of the two Lucinas (Juno and Diana)

Day of Diana (Roman)

2. 50 Books To Help Men Be Feminists

When it comes to books I have relied on Bloom’s big lists of literature without questioning the limits his canon puts on the variety of perspectives I encounter.

So here’s a reading plan I’m putting together from a few feminist readings lists: Chris Crass’ blog on how men can be feminists, the Feminist Reading list from The Radical Notion, Atlantic partner site Flavorwire list, OpenCulture list, from Ariel Levy, Rachel Holmes’ top ten, and a ThinkProgress introductory feminist list.

Audre Lorde
1. Sister OutsiderA collection of essays and speeches. Lorde explores… women’s rights in the USSR; kindergarten in Uzbekistan; college, employment and racism in the US; taking free healthcare and education for granted; the joy of well-funded public transport; dictatorships conquering the bread problem; poetry as illumination; regretful silences; the importance of feelings as well as ideas in understanding the world;
2. Collected PoemsContains four of Lorde’s books of poems published between 19-19.

Maria Mies
3. Patriarchy And Accumulation On A World Scale: Women In The International Division Of Labour –  Describes Mies theory of capitalist patriarchy and explores… the history of feminist critiques of Marxist theory; housewives’ domestic labour as the source and foundation of all capitalist production of surplus;

Angela Davis
4. Women, Race, and Class – a

bell hooks
38. The Will To Change: Men, Masculinity, And Love
39. Feminism Is For Everybody: Passionate Politics
40. Ain’t I a Woman?
41. Feminist Theory: From Margin To Centre
42. All About Love: New Visions
43. We Real Cool: Black Men And Masculinity

Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa
6. This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color
7. Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza
8. Friends from the Other Side/Amigos del Otro Lado

Suzanne Pharr
9. In The Time Of Right: Reflections on Liberation
10. Homophobia: A Weapon Of Sexism

Barbara Smith
20. Home Girls: A Black Feminist Anthology
21. Ain’t Nobody Gonna Turn Me Around: Forty Years Of Movement Building With Barbara Smith
22. Conditions: Five, The Black Women’s Issue 2
23. Yours In Struggle: Three Feminist Perspectives On Racism And Anti-Semitism
24. All The Women Are White, All The Men Are Black, But Some Of Us Are Brave: Black Women’s Studies
25. The Truth That Never Hurts: Writings On Race, Gender, And Freedom

Elizabeth “Betita” Martínez
26. De Colores Mean All Of Us: Latina Views For A Multi-Colored Century
27. Five Hundred Years Of Chicano History In Pictures: 500 Anos del Pueblo Chicano
28. Letters From Mississippi
29. The Youngest Revolution: A Personal Report From Cuba

Silvia Frederici
31. Caliban And The Witch: Women, The Body And Primitive Accumulation
32. Revolution At Point Zero: Housework, Reproduction And Feminist Struggle

Andrea Smith
33. Conquest: Sexual Violence And American Indian Genocide
34. The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Beyond The Non-Profit Industrial Complex
35. Color Of Violence

Paul Kivel
36. Men’s Work: How To Stop The Violence That Tears Our Lives Apart
37. Uprooting Racism: How White People Can Work For Racial Justice


Leslie Feinberg
44. Trans Liberation: Beyond Pink And Blue

Kate Bornstein
45. My New Gender Workbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving World Peace Through Gender Anarchy and Sex Positivity

Ida B. Wells
46. The Light Of Truth
47. Crusade For Justice: The Autobiography of Ida B Wells

Septima Clark
48. Ready From Within: Septima Clark And The Civil Rights Movement
49. Freedom’s Teacher: The Life of Septima Clark

Chris Crass
50. Toward Collective Liberation: Anti-Racist Organizing, Feminist Praxis, And Movement Building Strategy


More Angela Davis:
11. Freedom Is A Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine, And The Foundations Of A Movement
12. The Meaning Of Freedom: And Other Difficult Dialogues
13. If They Come In The Morning: Voices Of Resistance
14. Are Prisons Obsolete?
15. Abolition Democracy: Beyond Prisons, Torture and Empire
16. Blues Legacies and Black Feminism: Gertrude “Ma” Rainey, Bessie Smith, and Billie Holiday
18. Women, Culture, and Politics
19. Joan Little: The Dialectics Of RapeArticle about Joan Little

More Lorde:
3. The Cancer Journals
4. Zami: A New Spelling Of My Name
5. Uses Of The Erotic: The Erotic As Power